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MBS provides Industry customized business process outsourcing (Bss) solutions focused on five core areas of capability, relationship management/contact centers, Marketing Solutions, knowledge and process outsourcing, finance and accounting outsourcing and MBS IT Services.

We provide the best Outsourcing services to handle business activities for you and help you increase your company's flexibility by transforming your fixed costs into a variable cost by increasing the speed of business processes using techniques such as linear programming

By putting process in the forefront coupling deep process knowledge and insights with focused IT capabilities, targeted analytics and pragmatic reengineering we deliver a comprehensive client solution

Business Solutions Services Elements

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Business Solutions Services Advantages

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Security At MBS

We Plan

Best It JobAsset Identification & Valuation

Best It JobThreat & Risk Assessment

Best It Job Security Architecture

Best It JobSecurity Policies & Tools

We Manage

Best It JobProactive monitoring

Best It JobIncident handling

Best It Job Security team

Best It Job Vulnerability updates and Patches

We Deploy

Best It JobVulnerability Analysis

Best It JobOS Hardening

Best It JobSecurity Architecture Deployments

Best It Job Security Policy deployment

Best It JobSecurity Tools Deployment

We Review

Best It JobVulnerability Assessment

Best It Job Security Architecture review

Best It JobSecurity policy review


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